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This is a Sales Lead Management resources blog for small and medium businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Analysis by Lead Source

Analysis by Lead Source

The most critical part of any business venture to identify and get prospects and convert the lead opportunities to customers. I will focus exclusively on lead management and allied marketing areas such as:

  1. Lead Generation

  2. Market Demand Generation

  3. Sales Inquiry Management

  4. Online Marketing using Social Networking Media

  5. Buying Internet Leads from third party lead providers

  6. Integrating 3rd Party Leads into Lead Management Database

  7. Distributing Leads to right sales team member using flexible Lead Routing rules

  8. Distributing Leads to Lead Buyers using Pricing Rules Engine

  9. Nurturing Leads using Drip Email Marketing Strategies

  10. Getting Feedback from prospective customers via Online Surveys

  11. Sales Pipeline Management

  12. Automating marketing / sales processes

  13. Performance Analytics

Please note that this does not cover the entire CRM (customer relatiobship management) domain. Instead, I intend to focus on internet based lead generation, management and lead conversion. While most of the strategies can be used for both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) scenarios, some of them may have to be applied differently depending on the nature of business, products and services, sales cycle time, etc.

Though this blog is sponsored by LeadPro247, providers of integrated lead management service platform, the concepts, strategies and best practices can be applied to any marketing automation system.


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